How To Root Redmi Y1-[Root Xiaomi Redmi Y1 With And Without PC]

How To Root Redmi Y1 With And Without PC-Welcome To Aosp Rom, this post is about root Redmi Y1 with and without pc.We will discuss about whole rooting process also know the profits and disadvantages of rooting and if you are not known with the disadvantages of rooting then you will also learn that in this article.This is the "How To Root Redmi Y1" full guide.Install su/superuser permission in Redmi Y1.
Redmi Y1 is a device with lots of developments and new features will unlock after rooting.This post contains all the process and tutorials for rooting and also contain all the disadvantages and advantages of rooting.
How to root Redmi Y1

Superuser permission help's you to use some of the application's which only run's on the rooted device.Superuser apk is the main profit after rooting your device.Read article and Install Superuser Permission In Redmi Y1.

Content In The Article-

  1. What Is Rooting Process For Redmi Y1
  2. Requirements For Rooting
  3. Rooting With PC.
  4. Rooting Without PC.
  5. Check Device Rooted Or Not.

What Is The Rooting Process For Redmi Y1?

Rooting process is so simple process,if you are looking for the right tutorials for rooting your devices then this place is right for you we will tell some unknown points about rooting and you will definitely get some knowledge about the rooting process.Rooting means to jump into the full admin control from the guest admin.Full controls means you have all the read and write power's you can change any system file.
Rooting in some manner gives you the full control and unlock's the features which are locked by the company so root your android device after completing the tutorials.
For Root Redmi Y1 there are three methods and two of them done by using mobile and one of that method uses pc.If your device supports twrp recovery then it's so simple and if your device doesn't supports twrp then use apk method and if you don want to use above two methods then use PC for installing root permission.

Requirements For Rooting Redmi Y1 Without PC

  1. Redmi Y1.
  2. Download kingo root apk.
  3. Charge your device more then 70%.
  4. Unlock Bootloader (Skip If Unlocked).

Requirements For Rooting Redmi Y1 With PC

  1. Redmi Y1.
  2. Download software name king root.
  3. Charge your device more then 70%.
  4. Unlock Bootloader (Skip If Already Done).

How To Root Redmi Y1 With Apk

  1. First Of all download the kingo root apk.
  2. Then open the apk.
  3. Click on the start root button.
  4. Then  process starts after waiting sometime you find that Redmi Y1 shut down's automatically.
  5. After several shutdown's your device restarted and your device successfully rooted.

How To Root Redmi Y1 With Twrp

  1. Install twrp first if you don't know how to install twrp visit "How To Install Recovery Any Android Device".
  2. After installing twrp successfully, boot into twrp recovery mode.
  3. Go to install option and select superuser file.
  4. Then click flash and swipe for confirm.
  5. After swiping your device rebooted and you have now successfully rooted Redmi Y1.

How To Root Redmi Y1 With PC/Computer

  1. Download a software name king root.
  2. Then you have to enable usb debugging.
  3. Then you have to connect Redmi Y1 Via Usb Cable.
  4. The software finds your device to be connected.
  5. Then click root now and wait.
  6. In the process device may be restart sometime and after a successful reboot your device has been rooted.

Check the device is been rooted or not-

For checking the device has been rooted or not you have to follow below steps and you can check that the Redmi Y1 has been rooted or not.
  1. Download root checker application from playstore.
  2. Then open the application.
  3. Then click check root permission and wait for the results.
  4. If your device has root permission then congrats and if not then try other two methods.
DISCLAIMER-Read our disclaimer policy and we are not responsible for any damage to your device during the process.Rooting may void your warranty.

So this is the full tutorials for "How To Root Redmi Y1".This is the full guide with and without pc methods.Also we are sharing some really great knowledge so share you experience in Aosp Rom.

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