Update Lg Aka To Android Oreo-[LineageOs Lg Aka Oreo ROM]

Update Lg Aka To Android Oreo 8.0-This is AOSP ROM and We are going to talk about update Lg Aka to android Oreo/nougat and both processes are same.The difference is while updating to android 8.0 Oreo you need to download Oreo ROM(.zip file) and while updating to android nougat you need nougat rom (.zip file).In this article, you will get full tutorials for installing oreo or nougat update using lineageOs Oreo Update and Resurrection Remix 5.8.5.This method works only for Lg Aka.
Android Oreo releases the android open source project (Aosp) for the Android ROM developers to develop this version according to them and much rom developing organization's like lineageOs Oreo, Resurrection Remix Oreo, Mokee Rom, Aosp Extended, Dirty Unicorns and OmniRoms and many more other groups are trying to develop this project and that leads the way to update android devices to latest version. 

Not Every Update Is Official Update

If you are doing this first time the let me tell you not the every update is official update.Android developers groups working on the open source project and make the ROM according to them and then launch the ROM and you will get the update.And then you will be able to update Lg Aka to android Oreo/Nougat.Some updates are official and some are not.
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New features Oreo Update-

  1. Quick message
  2. Adaptive Emojis
  3. Fast processing.
  4. Better Ram consumption.
  5. Picture In Picture
  6. Instant Apps
  7. Notification Dots
  8. Battery Saver
  9. Android gestures


  1. Galaxy Note5 Duos should be charged at least 70%.
  2. Twrp should be installed (How To Install Twrp Recovery).
  3. Bootloader should be unlocked.
  4. Oreo ROM needed.

Important Points-

I will personally suggest to charge your phone at least 70% and also backup your device in case if anything goes wrong you will able to backup your data.
DISCLAIMER POLICY- We are not responsible for any kind of damage to your device during this process.If anything goes wrong then we are not responsible for that it's totally your fault.

Steps For Installing Oreo Update

  1. Backup your data first.
  2. Boot Into twrp recovery mode.
  3. Then select install option and then you have to select the file which you download(.zip file).
  4. Then swipe again for confirming.
  5. Then you have to wait for some time.
  6. After phone reboots, Galaxy Note5 Duos Updated to Oreo Successfully.

Steps for flashing Oreo g-apps

  1. Go to twrp recovery mode.
  2. Then click on the install option.
  3. Then browse for the g-apps file then swipe for flash.
  4. Wait for some time and g-apps should be installed after the process ends.

Second Method For Updating

This is the second method but this will work only if the official update comes if your device will not get official oreo update then you will not be able to update to oreo 8.0 using this method.So check before proceeding.
  1. Go to the updater application if not then go to setting then check for update.
  2. Then you have to browse the oreo rom which you downloaded earlier.
  3. Then click install or update whatever option is showing on the screen.
  4. Then wait after several reboots your device successfully updated to android oreo 8.0.
LineageOs 15.0 also comes with all oreo features and you can install un-official lineageOs in your device many developers release unofficial lineage os 15.0 update check for your device and then update to android oreo versions.

Download Link Oreo Update

These all are the necessary download that helps you while updating to android oreo update.Download oreo rom and Oreo G-apps from below links:
Download Oreo ROM
Download Oreo G-Apps 
Check above download links and update your device to android oreo or nougat.This is Aosp Rom copyright free article about update to latest oreo version.
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